Creative Review 07.15 Hat-trick creates Battle of Britain stamps for Jersey Post|

Design Week 07.15 Jersey Post Battle of Britain stamps, by Hat-trick Design| 

Creative Review 05.15 hat-trick launches new set of World War One stamps| 

The Drum 04.15 Desginerati 2015| 

D&AD 05.14 Hat-Trick book Hide & Eek! wins Yellow Pencil for Illustration For Design|

Communication Arts 04.14 Williams F1 identity| 

Design Week 04.14 Hat-Trick creates House of Illustration identity|

Communication Arts 04.14 Stockwell Park wayfinding|

Design Week 03.14 Royal Mail announces five-year programme of WW1 stamps| 

Design Indaba 03.14 Speed Racing| 

Digital Arts 03.14 Hat-Trick creates new brand identity for Williams F1 team| 

Design Week 03.14 Hat-Trick gives Williams new look on and off the track|

Creative Review 02.14 Local artists help make signage for Stockwell Park|

Designboom 02.14 Stockwell Park estate wayfinding signage by hat-trick design| 

Design Week 02.14 Tiled wayfinding for a London estate, by Hat-Trick Design|

Creative Review 01.14 An interview with hat-trick|

Design Week 10.13 What's the most treasured object in your studio?| 

Design Indaba 10.13 Virtual display|

Design Week 10.13 Hat-Trick looks to gaming for virtual art gallery branding|

Computer Arts 09.13 Designer series - Interviews Hat-Trick|

Creative Review 09.13 Alphabets to Octopuses: children's books and designers| 

Designboom 08.13 8x8: Alternate chess boards| 

Fast Company 08.13 A clever book kids need a flashlight to read|

It's Nice That 08.13 Clever new children's book reveals its secrets under torchlight|

Design Indaba 08.13 Hidden in the dark|

Design Week 08.13 Hide & Eek!|

Creative Review 08.13 Hat-Trick conjures a children's book with a twist|

Design Indaba 07.13 Iconic identity|

Design Indaba 07.13 Wimbledon win|

Design Week 07.13 Hat-Trick creates stamps celebrating Murrays Wimbledon victory| 

Design Week 07.13 Hat-Trick brands London icon Centre Point| 

Design Indaba 07.13 Foundation for good| 

Design Week 07.13 Hat-Trick brands Wimbledon Foundation|

Design Week 06.13 The 2013 Design Week Awards winners| 

Creative Review 06.13 After Hours: setting problems, rules and limits| 

Design Week 05.13 What's your favourite example of a flexible identity?|

Design Indaba 05.13 Kids in the kitchen|

Design Week 05.13 Hat-Trick gets cooking with kids| 

Design Week 03.13 Don't be afraid| 

Design Indaba 03.13 Fear of Fear| 

Designboom 02.13 Hat-Trick design: phobophobia - book of phobias| 

Creative Review 02.13 What's in a name? Just about everything| 

It's Nice That 02.13 Hat-Trick produce a superb new identity for the Welsh National Opera|

Design Week 02.13 Hat-Trick rebrands Welsh National Opera| 

Design Indaba 02.13 Powerful opera|  

Design Week 02.13 Hat-Trick works with Eley Kishimoto on new identity for Centre Point|

Design Week 01.13 What is your favourite design from the past 12 months?| 

Creative Review 01.13 London Underground 150th stamps| 

Designboom 01.13 Prostate Cancer UK Indentity| 

Graphic Ambient 01.13 Prostate Cancer UK Offices| 

Design Week 01.13 Hat-Trick designs 150-year London Underground stamps|

Design Indaba 01.13 Train Line|

It's Nice That 10.12 Creatives take on challenge to design a sticker for Majorca's delicacy|

Wallpaper 10.12 Leading creatives design pastry box stickers for EnsaimadArt| 

Design Indaba 10.12 Playing with type|

Designboom 10.12 Typographic Chess Set|

Creative Review 10.12 K is for King, Q is for Queen| 

The Agency Post 9.12 Interview with Jim Sutherland|

Design Indaba 9.12 Art in Miniature|

Eye Magazine 9.12 London Design Festival – Art in Miniature|

Creative Review 9.12 Art in Miniature|

Design Week 8.12 Who is the most interesting collaborator you have ever worked with?|

Fast Company 08.12 Pictograms For The Olympic Feats Of Everyday Life|

Design Indaba 07.12 Olympic stamps|

Design Week 07.12 Hat-trick designs London 2012 olympic stamps|

Dezeen 07.12 London landmarks appear on olympic stamps by Hat-trick design|

Design Indaba 07.12 Man of Men|

Design Week 06.12 Hat-trick creates Prostate Cancer UK identity|

It's Nice That 06.12 No ball puns allowed: The official Wimbledon poster|

Design Boom 06.12 Hat-trick design:Horniman Museum and Gardens identity | 

Creative Review 06.12 Hat-trick puts Horniman in new bracket| 

Design Week 06.12 Hat-trick Design rebrands Horniman Museum| 

NUCA 05.12 Graphic Design Visiting Lecturer| 

Graphic Ambient 05.12 Land Securities London Offices| 

Design Indaba 05.12 Keep it Down|

Action on Hearing Loss 05.12 Loud Music|

Action on Hearing Loss 05.12 Behind the scenes of our Loud Music campaign|

Design Week 05.12 |Hat-trick creates hearing loss campaign||

Wimbledon Championships 03.12 Wimbledon 2012 Poster|

Design Indaba 03.12 Wimbledon 2012 Poster| 

Graphic Ambient 03.12 Cardinal Café|

Graphic Ambient 03.12 Twickenham Stadium|

Graphic Ambient 03.12 John Thompson & Partners|

Design Week 02.12 Rambert Hoardings |

For Print Only 02.12 In Brief Book| 

Graphic Ambient 02.12 Oxford Brookes University Hoardings|

Graphic Ambient 02.12 East Thames Office Graphics|

Design Indaba 02.12 Hat-trick 'The Art of Mind Tickling' Lecture 2011|

Design Week 02.12 Voxpop - What is the best piece of advice a client has given you?| 

The Next Web 01.12 Tumblr Tuesday: Olympic Non-Events 2012 kicks off in London| 

Creative Review 01.12 Olympics-inspired graphic fun|

Design Week 01.12 Olympic non-events| 

Digital Arts 01.12 Logo Design Tips From Leading Designers| 

Communication Arts 12.11 Imperial War Museums identity|

Fast Company 12.11 A Museum Devoted To War Tackles Its Own Fractured Identity|

The Telegraph 11.11 Great British Chefs Festive app review|

Text Gallery 10.11 Imaginary Menagerie Exhibition| 

Creative Review 10.11 More nice publications|

Design Week 10.11 Tongue-twisting Typography| 

Bitique 10.11 In Brief Book| 

Grafik Magazine 10.11 Imaginary Menagerie Exhibition| 

Design Indaba 10.11 10 Years of Hat-trick| 

Brand New 10.11 War What is it good for? For good logos| 

Design Indaba 10.11 Imperial Branding| 

Creative Review 10.11 Hat-trick's new identity for Imperial War Museums| 

Design Week 10.11 Imperial War Museums rebrands with Hat-trick and Jane Wentworth| 

Ace Jet 170 09.11 Review of in brief book| 

Design Week 09.11 Best of the Web - Small Creature animation| 

Communication Arts 09.11 Great British Chefs identity and app| 

Digital Arts 08.11 The Secrets to Success| 

Output Magazine 08.11 Hat-trick design revamps South London estate with wayfinding project|

Fast Company 07.11 Hat-trick designs party recipes to help tubby kids slim down|

Design Week 07.11 Hat-Trick brands Great British Chefs venture| 

Digital Arts 06.11 The Future of Graphic Design| 

Pitch Design 06.11 BHF to fight child obesity with fun and healthy party packs| 

Creative Review 06.11 British Heart Foundation kids party packs| 

Design Indaba 05.11 Greener Grass Wimbledon identity| 

Design Week 04.11 Hat-Trick rebrands Wimbledon tennis club|

Pitch Design 04.11 |Hat-Trick Design wins at Wimbledon|

It's Nice That 04.11 Hat-Trick Design: 50 Years of the RSC| 

Fast Company 04.11 |New Shakespeare Stamps Put The Bard's Drama Onto Teeny Stage|

Creative Review 04.11 |Hat-Trick design's commemorative RSC stamps|

Designboom 02.11 |Hat-Trick: Jim Sutherland + Gareth Howat at Design Indaba 2011|

Creative Review 10.10 |Hat-Trick's illuminated letters tell a London story|

Designboom 03.10 Typographic playing cards|

Creative Review 03.10 Rugby's big stars at Twickenham|

Under Consideration 02.10 Garage Book and Poster| 

Under Consideration 02.10 Hat-Trick Deck of Cards and Poster|

Bitique 02.10| RFU Twickenham Stadium|

Holster 02.10| Hat-Trick's Typographic Circle Lecture|

Bitique 01.10 Typographic playing cards|

youtube 01.10 The Small Creature| 

Eye Magazine 12.09 Hat-Trick card trick|

Eye Magazine 10.09 |Just Add Stock winner, Stamps|

Paper Ideas Jim Sutherland, Director, Hat-Trick Design|

D&AD| Executive Committee, Jim Sutherland|